Precision Tray


About the Device

The Precision Tray is intended to provide a safe location in which to store the sterile Precision Screws and Precision Screw Drivers during surgery. The Precision Tray is the only approved accessory to facilitate engagement of the Precision Screw.

The Precision Tray is available in one configuration to suit all Screw and Driver variants and is also used to provide a holding location for the Precision Driver during reprocessing.

Instructions for use

Please refer to the following PDF document for information and Instructions regarding the correct use of The Precision Screw

The Precision Tray
The Precision Tray

Frequently Asked Questions - The Precision Tray

This is acceptable as long as:

  1. Driver and Precision Screws fit into the Tray
  2. When placed on a flat table, the maximum gap between the Tray and Table Surface is 10mm

No. It is optional to use the Tray as a holder for the Driver.

Three of the holes, the ones with a circumferential gutter around them, are for holding the Screws. They allow the Physician or other scrub staff to align the Driver over the head of the Screw during loading of the Screw onto the Driver.  CRY01-H3-1E screws are to be held in the three holes adjacent to the engraved H3, whist CRY01-H4-1Escrews are placed in the holes next to the engraved H4. The fourth hole is for re-crimping the driver head to the correct dimensions for gripping the screw.

Do not use the dropped Tray for rest of the procedure. If available, use a spare Tray, otherwise proceed with care. The Screws can be loaded onto the Driver by a gloved hand.

Yes, however first individually clean, inspect and dry the parts as per Cryptych’s Instructions for Re-processing Reusable Devices (DMR02-06).  Then place the Drivers into the pre-defined locations in the Tray, package the assemble and autoclave sterilise using the recommended cycle on the IFU.

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